Body Block All Natural Deodorant




We’ve searched HIGH and LOW for a natural deodorant that works. We tried what seemed like dozens of them and nothing worked until we found Zija’s Body Block. Made from just a few ingredients and it works great!! We will say that on particularly active days, we may have to reapply but on an average day – the morning application does the trick for the whole day!!


Activated charcoal, witch hazel, and baking soda provide transparent and effective odor protection without any harmful parabens, artificial preservatives, or aluminum. Its fresh and clean scent is supplied by pure Améo Essential Oils.

INCLUDES: 1 stick of GenM Body Block All-Natural Deodorant (1.9 oz)

Apply to underarms as needed. Safe for multi-day use if needed.

NOTE: When you click through to the buy page, the second entry on the page is if you want to get the product autoshipped monthly to you. That’s what we do but if you don’t want that just remove it from your cart. It’s completely up to you!

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